I was an HSBC & Marine Midland customer for years before this nickle & dime bank bought out my branch and I was "sold" over to them. They started by keeping HSBC online interests rate reasonable then without saying anything they drop the rates overnight to nothing (.01%) and don't say a word.

You can get between .65% (local credit unit) to 1.1% with GE online . Everyone is FDIC insured. This local people are OK but everyone admits that FNFG HQ, in Buffalo, dictates what branches can do. They also use LPL as their broker.

If you buy any bonds from them, BEWARE!!!! they buy the bond for you at a price but by the time they deliver it the price has gone up by 1/2 to 1 %. If you look at bond history you find out that they resell & buy-back the bond to/from them selves making it look like price when up between their quoted price and what you eventually sold it to you for. 1st I moved to local credit union & GE Bank (online) and 2nd - I'm making my money back by shorting FNFG stock.

Any bank that screws their customers in so many ways & so often won't be around long. Dump them and their stock and hope they sell or go bust before they rob more & more people.

Monetary Loss: $12000.

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